Teaching Empathy to Kids

The empathy subject presents itself often, now that I know what it means, now that I know I am a Highly Sensitive Person.

This awareness was huge for me in my self-awareness trek, and has allowed me to be more forgiving of myself when I get frazzled in overstimulated environments and helps me to make wiser choices given my awareness and peace with who I am and what affects my senses may interpret and how to take care of myself.

I am an advocate for the value and importance of educating and empowering kids to get anchored in their own self-awareness and self-expression, and feel the lack of this knowledge is the core of many problems we, and our children, face today.
Empathy is a huge part of this.

A recent example looks like this: … More Teaching Empathy to Kids

Analysis Paralysis

Call me crazy, but explaining these types of intentions and really believing they are possible are just as liable to plant me in the loony bin as is his ideas of how my time is spent is stated in a way that conjures up images of images of an unhealthy overweight slob on the sofa with the remote watching HSN, eating Bon Bons in a muumuu. Now I would love to bring back the muumuu wardrobe, but the rest is far from what my days consist of. … More Analysis Paralysis

What if…

What if we all could awaken to our positive potential by remembering what their planet earth mission is? What if by manifesting our mission through our individual passions and strengths had extraordinary outcome on the planet’s evolution? What if we could use our .. … More What if…

the Flow

To Be..in the flow, We must first develop our own self-awareness. Seek out our purpose and Find our passions. Develop our strengths..                              –and share the fruit of these given strengths with others. Acknowledge where we are weak…               —and accept help from others where we may lack. To live in passion of … More the Flow

Purpose Statement

My purpose is to express my creativity, unique perspectives and inquisitive nature.  To learn and grow by thinking outside the box, looking at things from a variety of angles and investigating and linking these investigations to develop systems that help other creative people and children; to instill empathy, self-esteem and individuality to embrace the core … More Purpose Statement