Just kids

What I noticed today: I sat on a picnic bench to work outside today. The first go-to spot I tried had yellow tape all over the tables and benches. They used to be all spread apart, now they were all pushed together and taped up. It’s a public park. I think it’s county owned but … Continue reading Just kids


Recently I was triggered into working through a deep wound. One that said: No one cares. About me. Or was it just Not..What I have to say? Either way. It hit just the same. I was shocked. (Or was I?) I tried to explain what I had to say Was also completely open. to what … Continue reading #triggered

Encouragement /Best OF

Warrior Woman with a Target on her Back


Unfinished. Self Portrait #21

A Thousand Words


"My life, the most truthful one, is unrecognizable, extremely interior, and there is no single word that gives it meaning." — Clarice Lispector

Staring at the Ceiling

Spirits aLive